Naturopathic nutrition

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Naturopathic Nutrition

At Natural Approaches, we combine clinical nutrition with naturopathy to achieve best results for our clients.

Clinical nutrition uses an evidence-based understanding of nutritional principles and the functional role of food and nutrients in the body by understanding digestion, absorption, transportation, and excretion of nutrients. Main goals of clinical nutrition are addressing nutrient adequacy, food quality, dietary behaviours and lifestyle factors.

Our nutritionists thoroughly assess the client’s medical history, biochemical and laboratory tests, medication and supplement use for potential food-drug interactions.

We put great emphasis on the client’s mindset and apply a holistic approach, keeping in mind physical, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, and financial aspects of our client’s life.

Naturopathy adds traditional forms of healing to modern scientific knowledge.

Naturopathic medicine combines herbal medicine, nutrition and dietary planning, lifestyle modifications, and other modalities including flower essences, iridology, tissue salts and celloids.

Six main principles of
naturopathy include:

  • The healing power of nature and supporting the body’s innate ability to heal.
  • Identify and treat the cause instead of the symptoms.
  • Treat the person as a whole.
  • Do no harm – focus on non-invasive natural treatment.
  • Doctor as teacher – we educate, inspire and motivate, and encourage self-empowerment.
  • Prevention – proactive approach in one’s health.

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