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Male Health; Fertility

Infertility is when a couple cannotconceive a childwhile trying for12 months without implementingbirth control measures. Infertility affects15% of couplesand can result from many factors, usuallydue to a partner’s reproductive system disorder.

Infertility can be primary or secondary. Primary,when the couple cannotto conceive at all.Secondary, if the couple has conceived once but cannot conceive again.

Risk Factors:

Apart from medical conditions, some risk factors can predispose an individual to infertility; these include:

  • Chemotherapy-reduces sperm count and causes ovarian failure
  • Smoking–affects fertility in both sexes equally and may affect sperm quality
  • Radiation-if exposed for a longer duration, may alter the genital functions.
  • STIs-sexually transmitted infections can cause inflammation of the reproductive tract
  • Age-with advancing age, sperm count and hormones decrease.
  • Other risk factors may include obesity, stress, depression, alcohol consumption, nutrition, and lack of exercise.

Researchers estimate that fertility issues caused by a disorder in the man versus in the woman are 50:50. Researchers do not know the cause in about half of the cases of infertility caused by a condition in the man.However, the known causes include the following:

  • Poor sperm health
    • Quantity of semen produced
    • Any abnormality in the seminal fluid.
    • Decreased sperm motility
    • Abnormal sperm shape
    • Sperm count below 15 million/ml
  • Testicular blockages
  • Testicular cancer, injury, or surgery.
  • Genetic factors
  • Radiation therapy side-effects(may affect sperm shape and number)
  • Hormonal imbalance (low testosterone levels)

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