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Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy or sarcopenia is the loss of muscle tissue. Lack of muscle mass and strength indicates muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is a serious condition that may badly affect the quality of life and hinder routine tasks. Withmuscle atrophy, your musclesmay look smaller.

Unused muscles waste away if they stay inactive for a long time. There are certain medical conditions, which affects, may lead to muscle atrophy. Similarly, astronauts’ muscles can be atrophied due to weightlessness if they don’t exercise.

Causes of Muscle Atrophy:

The following factors may lead to muscle atrophy in men:

Age and genetic factors play a key role in muscle and bone strength. Having a weak genetic potential from parents can make you prone to fractures and myopathies.

  • Not being physically active for a long time.
  • Injuries or broken bones limit the movement of appendages.
  • Spinal cord injuries or nerve damage
  • Alcohol-associated myopathy is when muscles weaken over time due to excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Malnutrition leads to the denatured structure of muscles.
  • Stroke
  • Sedentary lifestyle, like sitting in a chair the whole day.
  • Other medical conditions like polio, rheumatoid arthritis, and dermatomyositis affect locomotion.

Symptoms That suggest that you are suffering from Muscle Atrophy?
The most obvious sign is loss of muscle mass; the other symptoms include:

  • Weakness in one leg or arm.
  • Tingling and numbness in the arm or leg.
  • Trouble balancing or walking
  • Difficulty speaking or swallowing
  • Fascial weakness
  • Memory loss


Muscle atrophy is reversible if a proper diet and exercise schedule are followed with lifestyle modifications. However, it can’t be reversed if muscle atrophy originates through nerve damage.

Nutrition and exercise are important in restoring muscle strength, blood circulation towards muscle, and returning to its original shape.The nutritional supplement can be handy too.

Physical therapy is recommended treatment of muscle atrophy. It involves specific exercises and stretches to prevent immobility.

Electrical stimulation: An advanced technique in which muscles are contracted through electrical stimulation. An electrical current is generated, giving the atrophied muscle an impulse. This technique is also effective against neurogenic muscle atrophy.

Ultrasound Therapy: Recently ultrasound waves have been used to treat muscle atrophy as they are found equally effective in stimulating the atrophied muscle.

Surgical correction is the last resort in muscle atrophy treatment; however, it requires post-operative care.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms that impair your routine tasks, consult a physician. We provide the best possible treatment for muscle atrophy by diagnosing its root cause. Contact us nowfor consultations, queries, and discussions.

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