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Weight Gain

While millions want to lose extra weight, many are finding ways to gain healthy weight. The path to healthy weight gain is gradual and slow; methods of rapid weight gain are hard to maintain and can be dangerous.

How to know you are underweight?

Fat has a bad reputation in human health which causes people to be obese, but not all fats are bad. First, you should be aware that you are underweight. BMI is a tool which helps you know your score for age, height, weight, and gender. A BMI below 18 is considered underweight.

Why is weight gain important?

Some people want to gain weight to build muscles, while others may want extra lbs. to look presentable. Although being skinny or slim doesn’t predispose you to lethal diseasescompared to being overweight, low weight may suggest being undernourished. Some studies show that underweight people are more likely to fall ill after age 38.

Causes of being underweight:

Genetics-some people are genetically slim and underweight

Eating disorders-some psychological disorders like anorexia nervosa affects eating habits.

Medical conditions like type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, and cancer may lead to weight loss.

How to gain a healthy weight?

There are many strategies to gain weight; follow these tips to gain a healthy weight.

Increase caloric intake:Eating more than your body requires is one way to gain weight. Determine how many calories you require according to your age and eat a surplus. Eating 300-500 calories more than you burn each day.

Other ways to increase healthy weight are:

  • Increase protein intake to build muscle mass.
  • Eat more fats and carbohydrates and avoid fasting
  • Prefer eating energy-dense foods over roughage-diet
  • Eat more often and frequent
  • Avoid drinking water beforeeating as it may decrease food intake
  • Prefer whole grains,eggs, dried fruit,avocados,potatoes, oily fish, and dairy products.
  • Get enough sleep and avoid anxiety, which may lead to weight loss.
  • Exercise regularly to ensure a healthy metabolism
  • Don’t behurried and have patience; gradual weight gain is healthier.

If you are going through sudden weight loss and it’s making you worried. Don’t panic! There are plenty of healthy ways to gain weight through following a diet plan with lifestyle modifications. Contact usnow for more information, queries, and consultancies.

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